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The Viewpark Gardens are a beautiful and historic treasure in the heart of the Viewpark Community.

Due to continued budget cuts,  North Lanarkshire Council have sadly had to withdraw the funding to maintain and manage the Gardens. Placing them at risk of permanent closure and destruction for development.

The Viewpark Gardens Trust (formerly Save Viewpark Gardens) are working to save the Gardens, bring them into community ownership, and realise the full potential of this historic, valuable, and peaceful sanctuary.

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The Viewpark Gardens trust is an organisation led by our community, for our community. We need all the support we can get from both local residents, and the wider community.


Become a part of our community by joining as a member, and/or simply following us on social media:

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At this point in time ALL the work we complete is on a voluntary basis.


The Trust is currently a team of 4 'Wonderwomen' who have put hundreds of hours into saving the gardens.


Thanks to your kind donations we now have public liability insurance and we have negotiated access to the Gardens while our CAT application is being processed. This means we can now welcome volunteers to help clean up and restore the Gardens! If you would like to volunteer please register here.


And please contact us directly if you would like to help in other ways too :)  


We are currently applying for funding from various grants, and the plan is to eventually become self-sustaining.

Until that point, we would most appreciate any donations you would like to offer in support of our efforts to save and restore the Gardens!


You can donate here. 


Thursday 13th August 2020
Viewpark Gardens Trust is officially a charity! 
We received this confirmation and our charity number from OSCR today. Yay!

Monday 27th July 2020
Fundraising target hit! 
Thank you everyone for your kind donations. 

Friday 3rd July 2020
Today the Asset Transfer Request was submitted to North Lanarkshire Council! 

Celebrations all round as months of work went into preparing a strong and solid application! 

Watch this space...



Our current efforts are focussed on saving the Viewpark Gardens by placing them into community ownership. 

This will be achieved through a community asset transfer. Watch this space, join as a member, and follow us on social media to keep updated on our progress towards community ownership. 

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