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Each and every donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Your generous support will help fund:

Clear up and Repair of Gardens
​Gardening Equipment
​Replacing lost plants 
Public liability insurance
Marketing and publicity
​And much more...

Until we can begin to open up the gardens for use by various organisations and businesses we have no income channels. We are applying to a number of grants, but these take time, and often require us to have the Gardens before we are eligible so in the meantime we really do rely on your donations. Anything you can give just now truly helps, and we of course will keep you updated on how we are putting donations to great use. 

UPDATE - Sunday 19th July 2020. 
What a fantastic response to the fundraiser! We have so much love for you all and we cannot wait to get bring in volunteers to help us get the Gardens open once more...

We are aware that a number of you have been trying to donate but the page hasn't been working for you. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for sticking with us to find you a solution. We are on to tech to fix this problem but in the meantime we have set up this JustGiving page to help you donate! 

Each day we will update the totals for the combined donation options on our fundraising target tracker below. Thank you for your continued support. 

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