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Membership Terms and Conditions

At this stage of the process towards community ownership of the Viewpark Gardens we need to limit our Ordinary Membership to within a geographical boundary. Without doing this we cannot demonstrate the community support and show the benefits which are needed to secure the Gardens and gain the funding (for example the Scottish Land Fund will only fund geographic communities) to take ownership. As such, this is written into the Articles of Association (AOA) of the Viewpark Gardens Trust - we have defined a tight boundary around the Gardens as the Trusts defined area of benefit as we want the most local folk to be the ones with the greatest influence! 

The critical consequences of this are:

1) At present we must have 75% of our membership as Ordinary members. Therefore, in this initial Pioneer membership drive we are primarily encouraging sign-up of Ordinary members. The more Ordinary members we have, the more Associate members we can welcome. 

2) Only Ordinary members can vote on matters at meetings. 

3) At this time, if you wish to join as an Associate member, you will be initially be a Supporter. As soon as we can admit you as an Associate member we will do so. 


Our initial Pioneering membership drive will,

understandably, focus on Ordinary members, who are

those residing within the designated boundary -

any address within (and inclusive of) the four the

bounding roads (New Edinburgh Rd, Old Edinburgh Rd,
Spindlehowe Rd, and Langside Ave.)

Supporters - if the requests for Associate membership

put us in excess of the 25% of membership mark 

then we will register all new Associate member

requests as a supporter. 
Supporters of the Viewpark Gardens Trust will be kept 

updated in exactly the same way as Ordinary members.

When Ordinary membership numbers allow the

admittance of new Associate members you will be

notified and invited to become a fully-fledged Associate member. Thank you for bearing with us in this initial Pioneering membership drive, and to summarise:

If you share the vision of the Viewpark Gardens Trust please register as a member today! Everyone is welcome as long as you share our love for the Gardens and our vision to realise the full potential of this fantastic sanctuary. 

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