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Viewpark Gardens Today

The Viewpark Gardens are a beautiful and historic treasure in the heart of the Viewpark Community.

Despite the clear value of the Gardens to the local community, due to continued budget cuts North Lanarkshire Council sadly had to withdraw funding to maintain and manage the Gardens. In doing so this placed the Gardens at risk of permanent closure and destruction for development - unless someone (hopefully us!) would step in to take over. 
The gardens have been closed to the public since November 2019

Also in October 2019 the council confirmed that there would be no more funding of the Gardens within the 2020 budget BUT provided reassurance that, with the budget in place until April 2020, the heating and maintenance of the glasshouses would continue over the winter months...

Devastatingly this was not the case and in January 2020 we found the the Gardens (but the glasshouses in particular) in a state of severe neglect.  Unfortunately this resulted in a 100% loss of the rare and tropical plants in each of the glasshouses, and substantial mould and decay to be cleaned up before we can start to build back up the collections, and the Gardens can be re-opened. 

By February 2020 the Viewpark Gardens Trust was established with the primary purpose of saving the Gardens by putting in for a community asset transfer. We are currently in that process, which could take months... But we have an action plan ready to roll out once we finally get access to the Gardens and can start clearing them up and restoring them to their former glory. Don't know about you, but we cannot wait! 

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