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The Viewpark Gardens Trust

The Viewpark Gardens Trust was formed in February 2020. Prior to this the Trust was under the name of “Save Viewpark Gardens”. The local community learned in May 2019 that the gardens - which had previously been beautifully maintained by North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) - were no longer to be included in the NLC yearly budget plans. As a direct result of this information several public meetings were held where it was ascertained the passion and determination to retain the Viewpark Gardens as a community asset was substantial.


The Trust has been working extremely hard to present a robust and inclusive Community asset Transfer. This will allow us to take on management of the Gardens and buildings enabling the restoration of the green spaces and glasshouses whilst providing a much needed facility for projects, groups, education and individuals. Our ultimate goal is to get the Gardens under community ownership, re-open to the public, restore them to their former glory, and realise the full potential of the Gardens. We hope to achieve community ownership by 2025. 

Our Vision 

Our vision for the gardens is to create a unique and welcoming space with our main aims being to restore the gardens to their former glory and create a vibrant modern community hub that can be used by individuals, families, local schools nurseries and groups. 

We will work closely with residents and local groups to deliver a community led approach. This would enable the trust to manage and maintain The Gardens for all future events and projects.  

We aim to:

  • Provide employment for those within the community through our social enterprise initiatives, as well as apprenticeships and training for young people within the community.

  • Promote awareness of the benefit of gardening, growing food and related outdoor activities through education, workshops and community projects.

  • Protect and promote green spaces, amenities and the environment.

  • Encourage participation by people of all ages in gardening related activities that are creative, sociable, healthy and enjoyable.

  • Protect and preserve historical aspects of Viewpark Gardens and its historical and social significance to the area.

  • Create access to buildings and spaces for community groups that wish to work with the Trust. 

How we work

The Viewpark Gardens Trust is an inclusive organisation. We welcome members of every race, colour, religion, age, gender, political belief, physical ability and orientation.  All we ask is you show the same respect to others as you would have them show to you. We want to create a safe progressive environment in which the whole community can come together.

Founding directors (Who we are)
Copy of PHOTO-2020-07-09-16-03-08.jpg

Hi I am Lynn,  Chairperson of the Trust. 

The Viewpark Gardens have been an important and constant part of my life for over 40 years.
My parents and I would visit regularly when I was a child, and then when I had my own family I was able to share my enthusiasm and passion for this beautiful gem right on my doorstep.

My memories of the Flower Festival and yearly summer flowers, the stunning tropical plants and cacti are an  integral part of my childhood . I love living here. We have a great community with a big heart.  The gardens and the memories they hold belong to us all.

My background spans over 25 years working with communities and individuals within a Community Arts and Education remit. I completed my diploma in Community Arts in 1998. I also trained to Senior Youth Worker level with North Lanarkshire Council. I have worked for many various Youth Clubs and outreach projects such as Incudem, Sighthill Regeneration Project, Eco-Warriors Youths, Glasgow Mardigras, Fallside Youth Drop-in and many more.  

I am passionate about creating and protecting green spaces. Empowering communities to access and manage the facilities they have available to them. FUN FACT: I also love cats !


Hi I'm Sarah, Treasurer and Membership Secretary for the Trust. 

I grew up attending the Viewpark Flower Festival with my family for many years.  Have fond memories of meeting the Beachgrove Garden hit squad, kick starting my now vast autograph collection. The gardens for me have always felt like a wonderland. No matter how many times I visit, it feels like my first visit. That's the beauty of nature, there is always something new to see. I have various relevant qualifications, including an HNC in Social Science, SQA Level 4 Patisserie, and NC General Catering.

Additionally I have twenty years' sales and merchandising experience, and ten years of entrepreneurial experience. I have worked as a Youth Worker for Mossend Environmental Group, was involved with the Viewpark Gala Committee for seven years working on fundraising and planning.  More recently, I volunteered with the Viewpark Conservation Group and Burnhead Toddlers. 


I’ve hugged David Tennant but never managed to travel in the TARDIS yet.


I'm Vicky, the Trusts Secretary and our Education and Training Leader.

I have twenty years experience in education, covering primary, secondary, Special Educational Needs, Social Emotional & Behavioural needs, English as an Additional Language, and working with disenfranchised/disengaged young people.


I have developed courses for pupils, including Personal Achievement and Personal Development, Horticulture, and Enterprise, and worked with SQA as a consultant on the Scottish Studies Award.

I have a particular interest in local history, and remember Viewpark Gardens from way back when I attended Playgroup at the Community Centre, and would visit the market (now Highgate), and the Gardens on the way home.

FUN FACT: I used to own a BMX and Skateboard shop.


Hi I'm Jennifer, Projects and Volunteer co-ordinator for the Trust, & I head up our fundraising efforts. 
Despite having growing up locally it was only recently, as an adult, that I discovered the amazing and peaceful sanctuary that is the Viewpark Gardens. I was devastated to see such a wonderful amenity closed to the public, and was honoured to be asked to come on board with the Trust.

I am a scientist by training, having spent my ~10 yr research career studying the effects of climate change - most recently studying the Antarctic ice sheet and it's melting due to climate change.

Having come to the conclusion that action on climate change (and other issues facing our society) requires working at the local level, I am now a budding social entrepreneur - aiming to build (a little bit of) the change the world needs to see. I love working with people from all walks of life and want to give back to my community! I see the great potential of the Gardens to offer opportunities and services which empower and engage the local community. 

I hold a number of sports and outdoor activities qualifications, as well as teaching and coaching experience. I look forward to helping maximise the offerings of the Gardens in the most sustainable way - placing them at the heart of our wonderful community. FUN FACT: I have stood at the top of the worlds coolest volcano while it was erupting... and lived to tell the tale!

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